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How to Use Twitter Hash Tags for Weight Loss Motivation

Twitter provides instant matches in the form of tags used by other users’ who, like you, are seeking to follow their weight loss goals.

Updates are not always succinct (being concise in the constraints of Twitter’s 140 character text limit remain elusive to some), almost all of the updates found within these tags, are useful and can, in fact, be encouraging.

Hash Tags

Twit2fit (written as “#twit2fit” on Twitter), appears to be the most popular of these tags (they’re called “hash tags” on Twitter). According to GeoffLiving (@GeoffLiving), #twit2fit is used in an update “when one has exercised or done something healthy. It motivates them, their community to stay fit!” Encouraging and clever.

(@shredheads) recommended the eponymous #shredheads. Although a tad irreverent, this hash tag appears to resonate with its users simply through their pervasive sense of humor. MissLIz27 (@MissLiz27) recently updated, “I wouldn’t say “accomplish”, since I didn’t do maybe half of the moves correctly, but at least I didn’t die.” And how about this undeniably cheeky one from jessiannehardin (@jessiannehardin), “Day 3 #shredheads: done and done. I am a beast. And tomorrow I will tie my toddler to a chair.” She wisely linked to a photo of her and said toddler, joyously hugging.

Hash tags are certainly useful. However, it would be helpful, especially to new users, if there was a way to indicate what topics you would like to know about and Twitter automatically recommends the tags to use. I accidentally used “#twitfit” when researching this article, oblivious that it was the wrong hash tag. Twitter still accepted it.

Special Mention

There are other users who chose to simply create motivation. These are what I call the “leaders.” There are many, and as you will find out on Twitter, you will either lead (based on the quantity of followers), follow (based on how many people YOU follow) or simply get out of the way (when you stop following and stop tweeting).

Chaotic_barb (@chaotic_barb) holds a monthly themed weight loss Twitter party. She hash tags it as “#fitfam” Based in Denver, chaotic_barb, is an astute Twitter user; she recommends people to follow and that you write your goals in an introductory update or in a direct message to that person. I like chaotic_barb, so much so that she is the winner of my first give-away, a product selection, generously donated by the wonderful people of Kiss My Face. Send her a tweet!

Here are some other Twitter users whose updates are motivational, inspirational and sometimes just downright funny:

  • @DetailJunkie – “lost 1-1.5 lbs per week since October”
    Writer, editor & communications pro. Celebrator of life
  • @weightview – “We motivate our WeightView community with daily tips to help them stay on track”
    #1 Weight Loss app on Facebook
  • @MattiGrey – “created the #365fitness to support my goal of working out 365 days”
    a student of curiosity, a muse for high performers
  • @wwtweets – “not at the buffet table”
    group of dieters who diet, Weight Watch, and support all dieting tweeters
  • @JennyDiDonato – “shopping for wedding stuff for her new body”
    Owner/Personal Trainer who LOVES to make health & fitness attainable for all ppl through
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