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At the Gym, Motivation

Broke? 10 reasons why you shouldn’t cancel your gym membership

The main point of Howcast’s advice on saving money by eliminating things you don’t need, insinuates that people who need to save money are in financial duress. Some are possibly unemployed making the mere act of going somewhere, typically a place that fosters productivity and is outside of your “stressful space” — critical to maintaining your peace of mind. 

A gym serves as, if you choose to, a place to focus without the distractions of your home space. Here are ten reasons why you should not cancel your gym membership:

1. Daily destination

The act of going to a gym takes you away from your conditioned, comfortable surroundings. Unless you have a gym in your home, and if you do, I am willing to bet that it hardly, if ever, is used; a location other than home, is considered going somewhere. And this simple act, is a change of scenery that gets you off the couch, changed, ready and provides you with a place to be.

2. To lose weight

Ever get stuck in the house on a rainy day? What do you do? You watch TV and you (over)eat. Staying home is comfortable and when we are too comfortable we eat, it is a vicious cycle. And if you think that you are saving money by canceling your gym membership, consider how much more you eat when you spend more time at home. Six of one, half a dozen of the other.

3. The punching bag

Bet you don’t have one of these at home. Who cares if you suck at boxing. Man, this is the place to take out all of your frustrations. You can even ask someone to hold it for you as your punch the shinding out of that thing. Boxing is a fantastic cardio exercise, btw.

4. Networking opportunity

This is crucial, especially if you are unemployed, freelancing or “between jobs.” Being in a positive, social environment has the potential to not only free you from your own constant worrying, but could provide an opportunity. It is the old adage, “if you don’t go, you will never know,” and no one can begin to know what you need if you are confining yourself to your home. By simply surrounding yourself with people, outside of your general industry, opens you up to new opportunities and opportunities can only present itself when you are present.

5. To exercise

Despite what Howcast is telling you, no one wants to work out at home. How many of your friends, maybe even you, have home exercise equipment that you can either not find, or is simply unaccessible? Besides, gyms are heated (and air conditioned); they’re designed to foster a productive atmosphere for an effective work out. In the winter time, few people are compelled to go for a jog in the freezing cold, bundled up. Worse, if you catch a cold, how much money are you saving then?

6. Face time not screen time

Chances are, if you canceled your gym membership, you canceled your cable TV service as well. Incidentally, Howcast also recommends canceling your cable TV, it’s Step 7. Howcast even suggests watching TV on your computer. That’s good advice, but you’re reading this on a computer and studies have proven that time has a tendency to slip by when we are online. So, if you think you’re making headway with losing weight by staying at home, realize that your time might be spent in front of the computer. Take Howcast’s advice, “Drop the cable,” the mouse cable, go meet some people instead, you don’t even have to get dressed up.

7. Free training

Most gyms will offer at least one, free personal training session. Some even provide two free sessions with a personal trainer. Many trainers work on commission and the only way to get a new client is by allowing you to “test” their service. You can ask for a free fitness assessment, or get advice on how to perform an exercise (this you cannot get at home and could change your whole workout routine), or even get stretched for free — helping you to feel instantly better. Ask a trainer, not the people at the front desk.

8. The facilities

Some gyms, even the YMCA, have facilities that include a sauna, a steam room and even a swimming pool. All of these have their own, innate benefits. Also, did you know that if one gym does not have a specific amenity, depending on your membership (or the person you talk to), you can actually get a referral to another gym to use that benefit? This is all included in your membership.

9. Yoga

Mental clarity is the key to staying focused when you are facing financial difficulties. An ascetic discipline like yoga, focuses on relaxation through meditation and provides you with the clarity you need to overcome — and cope with — situations. And often, only when we look at things differently do we see an opportunity in an obstacle. Also, yoga classes, when taken at a gym, are free.

10. The women

Nowhere else would you find women parading around shamelessly with hot bodies (unless you live in Miami). Some of those women are single. And if you leave your ego at the door and smile, you might even have a chance at meeting one of them. It’s a fact of life, the gym is a social environment, why cut off your nose to spite your face? Where else can you flex your arms blatantly, over and over again?

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