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Did You Know?, Grrr... Dieting

February 12, 2010

Can you really lose weight on a detox?

More common during times of over indulgences and substance abuse, a detox is often synonymous with eliminating the body of toxins. A toxic body could lead to a weakened immune system and weight gain. Dr. Cheryle Hart, an obstetrician /gynecologist and author of The Feel Good Diet, A Weight-Loss Plan to Stop Yo-yo Dieting, shares her knowledge on the benefits and effectiveness of detox diets.

According to Dr. Hart, if you want to lose weight more efficiently, a detox should definitely be a part of your program. Fat cells store toxins. As you break down the fat, stored toxins are also released back into circulation and increase the body’s acidic load. Without a method to flush out acidic toxins, your metabolism slows down, making your weight loss even more difficult.

What are the advantages of a detox?

When you talk about “detoxifying”, what you really want is an effective way to remove “metabolic garbage,” the everyday waste products we produce from normal functioning of cells, as well as buildup of actual toxins from chemicals, bacteria, heavy metals, and pharmaceutical drugs. All of these shift the natural healthy alkaline balance of your body to a more disease-producing acidic one.

What foods and beverages improve your body’s alkalinity?

Fruits—most fruits; especially apples, melons, dried dates and figs, grapes, papaya, raisins. Vegetables, too especially asparagus, kelp, pumpkin, seaweed, squash, watercress. Potatoes are only alkaline-forming if eaten with the peels. Purified water too, especially those containing trace minerals.

Purified water for an effective detox?

Tap water is not recommended as it may contain many acidic contaminants that are still allowable by the EPA, i.e. pharmaceutical drugs, hormones, bacteria, and heavy metals. Detoxification is more successful when ultra-purified, alkaline, restructured water containing ionic minerals is used. Alkaline water carries a negative charge that helps draw out positively-charged acid wastes like a magnet. Restructured water held in micro-clusters are better able to enter the circulation and through cell walls to flush out toxins. My suggestion is to drink restructured, ionic mineral-enhanced water whenever possible. The least amount of water you need to drink can easily be determined by taking your weight and dividing it by 2. This is how many ounces of water you need to drink each day. For example, if you weigh 150 pounds, drink 75 ounces of restructured, alkalinized, ionic mineral-enriched water.

Have you been on a detox program?

Yes, I follow a simple “daily detox” routine. However, when I do overindulge, I do a “deep cleaning” detox to take out the extra “party garbage.” Daily detoxing is simple and has the advantage of continually removing acid waste products from cells and allows more oxygen to enter. For someone trying to lose weight, I recommend that in addition to a daily detox regimen, they do a deep cleaning detox once or twice a month.

We often hear about cortisol levels and how does it affect the body’s alkaline levels and why is it important when considering a detox program?

Cortisol is a stress-reacting adrenal hormone that helps your body manage stress. When you encounter stress, cortisol, along with other stress hormones, shifts your body into a “fight or flight” mode. Stress hormones raise your blood pressure and pulse, slow your digestion, raise your blood sugar, shift cholesterol levels, and other important survival responses. Every one of these emergency reactions, however, produces more acid inside of cells. When stress is prolonged, acid buildup and its health complications result.


Dr. Cheryle Hart is a graduate of the Mayo Clinic and is board certified in obstetrics and gynecology as well as bariatrics, the specialty of medical weight management. She is currently the medical director of the Wellness Workshop in Spokane, Washington, a preventive health and weight loss clinic, having treated over 5000 weight loss patients since 1996. Dr. Hart and her clinic were featured in the September 2002 Time magazine cover story on weight loss in America.

  • I’m still very dubious about detox-diets. First, it’s a ‘diet’. If you follow a healthy eating plan and don’t overdo alcohol, smoking etc, shouldn’t your liver and kidneys be able to deal with all the toxins in your body?


    7:20 pm

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