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March 5, 2010

How to lose weight with Facebook

People don’t spend time on Google, they spend time on Facebook. After all, the goal of Google is to have people leave “as quickly as possible.” And believe it or not, when people aren’t searching, they’re poking – an “average of four hours and 39 minutes per month,” according to Mashable.

How to Lose Weight with Facebook

How, then, can we leverage this exorbitant usage of time to accomplish something as daunting — and time consuming — as losing weight? Call it what you will, addiction or fritter, losing weight by using Facebook is feasible.


(Note: many of the links in this article point to Facebook, so you may want to log-in to Facebook. All are trusted. Promise).

1. Don’t throw food around
“Hitting” people with silly “spaghetti and meatballs” food fights is not only inane, but an appalling time waster. Challenge your friends with inspiring stories, delicious facts and fun photos. As one of my friends  eloquently stated, “The last thing I need to be bombarded with is pictures of food I shouldn’t eat.”

2. Post a picture of your goal weight
It can be a picture of you when you weighed a little less, or a whole lot less. Whatever the difference, it is where you want to be. Seeing is believing (most of the time, anyway) and Facebook is the only tool that allows people to instantly comment, mostly in a good way, on how great you look.

3. Invent and share something
Mayo was created by accident and made food fattening forever. Why not invent a healthy, nutritionally dense snack that will benefit others? Sharing on Facebook is not only caring, but it allows you a forum to explain how helpful a specific meal can be and clear up popular misconceptions. If you’re a whiz at programming, why not create a useful Facebook wieght loss app? Please.

4. Write on walls
What makes Facebook so popular is the concept of visible walls. You can literally write a note on your favorite manufacturer’s wall telling them how much you like their product and sometimes even post a picture of you enjoying the product. This mere act bridges the gap between you, the consumer and the manufacturer; the essence of social networking. Many manufacturers andfitness locations post trends and tips, for free, without you having to sign up for anything.

5. Create a Facebook “fan page”
Everyone struggles. A Facebook fan page can be an online support group, an online journal or sorts. “Molly Loses It” or “Wendy Weight No More” treats your struggle in a wry manner, helping you to cope with your weight loss struggle in a humorous way. Furthermore, you’ll be amazed at the progress you will make, especially when you look back, a year, six months, a month from now and see not only the support, but how you used to look and feel.

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