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At the Gym, I Like This!

July 22, 2010

Women Want Men with Personality, Charm and…

Men’s Health interviewed several women on what they consider to be a sexy body, “The thing with men that are built like a Greek god is that everyone wants them — even other men,” commented “Kristi.” “A well-defined body means they have the discipline and stamina for physical activity,” she said. The results determined that women still went for personality and charm over muscles but the one thing they all seemed to agree on was grooming.

“Natural is cool; unsanitary is scary,” writes Moon Bloodgood a columnist for Men’s Health “Grooming Parlour.” “The unwashed-bohemian thing sometimes comes off slutty, not sexy. If he’s too dirty, you can practically see how many women he’s slept with.”

Metro-sexual, manscaping, clean; whatever you choose to call it, being well groomed will not only show off your hard work at the gym, it is the easiest to begin and maintain and will certainly put you in a category your girl (and possibly some guys) will love.

Pictured: (1) Cremo Shave Cream (2) Pacific Shaving Company (3) Gabriel Cosmetics Red Seaweed Cellular Moisturizer (4) Tilvee™ Eco Ethical Skincare Cranberry Clarifying Toner (5) Lab Series Ab Rescue Body Sculpting Gel

Good Things Come in Little Packages

Here are some awesome, inexpensive products, perfect for your gym bag that will not only help you have a body your girl will love, they won’t end up in the closet.

1. Cremo Shave Cream claims that it will “leave your skin astonishingly soft and smooth.” It certainly does! You will not only love how Cremo feels on your face, but it is not overpowering with fragrance and alcohol that can dry your skin. Cremo contains aloe and olive leaf extract so it won’t leave your face white from dryness as some other shave gels do. It also contains Titanium Dioxide, a sunscreen. Cremo Shave Cream comes in a handy, long-lasting six-ounce tube, perfect for travel as well as your gym bag.

2. Pacific Shaving Company offers a “small but mighty™” line of natural and eco-friendly shaving essentials. I tried their All Natural Shaving Oil and the Nick Stick. Although the shaving oil is surprisingly portable and claims to give a close shave “with only six to eight drops,” I wasn’t convinced. What did persuade me was the Nick Stick. This product is remarkable. As the package mockingly states, “shaving is no way to give blood,” the Nick Stick did what it said it would do; stops bleeding — and dried clear.

3. Gabriel Cosmetics Red Seaweed Cellular Moisturizer promises to encourage natural cell regeneration, “restoring radiance to the skin.” It will and it shows. After I used this, an acquaintance asked loudly over lunch if I had had a facial. The company’s founder got the knowledge on how to properly formulate the products from his grandmother, “[she] innately understood the healing power of the sea to treat her patients.” Gabriel Cosmetics Red Seaweed Cellular Moisturizer contains green tea and tea tree oil. It comes in a gym bag ready, two-ounce container.

4. Tilvee™ Eco Ethical Skincare Cranberry Clarifying Toner. Ok, why do you need a toner in the first place? Toners clarify your skin, especially after shaving removes all of the dead skin cells. The more natural, the better. Tilvee’s is 100% natural and contains lime to “freshen, tone and tighten” as well as tea tree oil which helps fight acne causing bacteria. Incidentally, all of Tilvee’s products are 100% organic.

5. Lab Series Ab Rescue Body Sculpting Gel. When Lab Series sent me a tube of this product to try, I admit I was instantly curious. Having never seen – or heard of –  a product like this before, I decided to try it. Now going on week three, I rub some on my abdominal area after working out; it tingles for about 20 minutes. The product claims to “tighten and firm” and contains caffeine, creatine and soya protein. You can see the progress on Facebook.

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