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“People tend to overeat because they don’t feel loved.” An Interview with Maria Shriver

Maria Shriver talks to me about people’s emotional connection with food, the importance of exercise and how to follow your dreams — especially when surrounded by adversity.

Maria Shriver

Maria Shriver shares that being spared pain deprives us of the strength and wisdom we will gain from having gone through it. And, as Shriver said in her book Ten Things I Wish I’d Known Before I Went Out Into the Real World, when it comes to reaching one’s goals “it’s within you to carve out your own future and create your own destiny.”

Maria Shriver and I recently spoke during, what she referred to on Twitter as a “blogger call” about her commitment to women’s organizations, people’s emotional connection with food and why she is the creative director of an ice cream company.

Stefan Pinto: Have you ever had a weight problem?
Maria Shriver: I’ve struggled with weight my whole life. We, as people, tend to make an emotional connection to food. This is a huge vice in society.

SP: Yes, but as Americans, we are blessed with choice, although this can be a double-edged sword; is this “vice” as you call it, a challenge when it comes to losing weight in America?
MS: Absolutely. People don’t talk about this emotional connection [with food]. People often focus on protein content and carbohydrates and, of course, exercise. Exercise is absolutely important but I feel that people tend to overeat because they don’t feel loved. They feel misunderstood. Someone who feels love, often has a lot less issues with food.

SP: But ice cream certainly is one of the most fattening persuasive treats available. How do you fight obesity with ice cream?
MS: It’s about bonding with your kids. Emotions start early and the more time we spend with them, at a young age, the greater the bond. Make it easier; sit down and eat Lovin’ Scoopful (laughs). I love ice cream and I love to buy ice cream. Let’s face it, ice cream makes you feel loved and if you can bring a smile to someone’s face, it is a great way to spend your time.

“If you can bring a smile to someone’s face, it is a great way to spend your time”

SP: Tell me about Lovin’ Scoopful
MS: It has 1/2 the fat and 1/3 fewer calories than other premium ice creams. Lovin’ Scoopful is made with an all-natural base that comes from cows not treated with growth hormone. We developed Lovin’ Scoopful to support a good cause; the Special Olympics. 25% of its profits are donated to the Special Olympics and other causes.

SP: Have you ever been a creative director of an ice cream company?
MS: I’ve never been a creative director of an ice cream company before. When you have to go against the big players, it is indeed much harder. I’ve been involved in every step of the development process; from creating the flavors to coming up with the product names and logo. We will be launching an exciting new Facebook application in the next couple of weeks, called: What Ice Cream Flavor are You?

“It is critical to keep encouraging your children and others to follow their dreams”

SP: Yes. The names of the flavors are indeed creative; Caramel Chocolate Heaven, Oh My Blueberry Pie, and What the Fudge to name a few. Which Lovin’ Scoopful flavor is Maria Shriver’s favorite?
MS: Oh, I love all of them! [laughs]. Um, the Caramel Chocolate Heaven! But they’re all really delicious.

SP:  Let’s talk about goals and dreams; your husband has been quoted as saying inspiration from individuals have allowed him a sense of what was possible, “when others around me didn’t always understand my dreams.” Certainly, being surrounded by like minded people plays a greater role in achieving our goals — weight loss, diet, fitness or otherwise. How would you advise our children to follow their dreams — especially when surrounded by adversity?

“Supporting our children is important”

MS: It is critical to keep encouraging your children and others to follow their dreams. It much easier to say ‘follow’ but don’t do it. Children may struggle with parents who ‘poo poo’ their dreams. Supporting our children is important; people must live with themselves and do what it takes to follow their dreams and allow others to follow theirs. Dreams aren’t just for those in their 20s, but all ages and it is an important facet of society to encourage people to keep dreaming – even after their 30s, their 40s and even their 60s. Yes, it is harder as you get older, but like the Nike slogan says ‘just do it.’

“Be okay with who you are”

SP: You once gave the commencement address at Holy Cross College in Worcester, Mass. which you turned into your book Ten Things I Wish I’d Known Before I Went Out Into the Real World. What one piece of advice would you give to college students today?
MS: Be okay with who you are.

About Lovin’ Scoopful

Lovin’ Scoopful is a premium ice cream company operating with the objective of making not only its customers happy, but making others happy as well through significant contributions to causes that help empower the human spirit. See: Facebook: Twitter:

  • LOVE this interview, Stefan! Maria Shriver is one of my faves. Thanks for doing it.

    Rita Taddeucci Raffanti

    6:18 pm

  • My interview with Maria Shriver: “People tend to overeat because they don’t feel loved”

    (@stefanpinto) (@stefanpinto)

    6:06 pm

  • Great, great, great interview Stefan!


    12:17 am

  • I thought she still had an eating disorder

    Leah Segedie

    12:30 am

  • Once again an insightful interview! It’s so great to read how people in all walks of life (including the public eye) deal with health and weight issues. I love the fact that I didn’t know that Maria was the creative director of an ice cream company. (This type of information is one of the reasons I come back to your website so much – to learn new things!). It is so wonderful knowing that there are people (like Maria) that are working on making foods healthier than they are perceived to be. I want to go out and get her ice cream.

    David Schoner

    4:34 pm

  • Great interview, Stefan. I think Maria Shriver makes a good point about over eating and struggling with weight. Food doesn’t complain when you’re in a bad mood! LOL :-)

    Simone Cruz

    6:12 pm

  • “People tend to overeat because they don’t feel loved. They feel misunderstood.” – Maria Shriver

  • Really like this! I had no idea she was creative director of an ice cream company!

    Michael H

    5:50 pm

  • Great interview Stefan! Maria Shriver, wow! Impressive.

  • She’s so my people.

    Carrie B.

    1:15 pm

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