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10 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Your Personal Trainer

You admire and respect your personal trainer (hopefully). You hold in high regard, their wanton discipline, their discerning diligence and that oh-so dedicated punishment.

1.We can’t count

“You said 8 more, that was 10.” – Nancy Byrd Radding, The Oaks at Ojai

2. We compare stories

Who else can we vent those juicy nuggets of real life One Life to Live moments? Of course, we always leave the names out!  Of course. – Aja Davis Personal Training

3. You’re our social life

We think about clients, acquiring clients, and hang out with other trainers listening about their clients. Macie Berlin, Santa Barbara, CA

4. We hate when you wear make up

Ladies, you don’t need to look beautiful when you come to sweat. If you don’t feel pretty, just look at the girl next to you. 247 Bodyworks Team

5. We enjoy sleep as much as you do

Sleep is a wonderful thing. A 6 AM client asked, “How long does it take to get used to this?”  I responded, “I will tell you when I do.” – Tom Nuzum, TheraPlus

6. We do so eat ice cream!

Right out of the container, sometimes while in bed. – Tannis, Health Habit Travels.

7. A lot of trainers never went to school

“But some of us went to college, are certified and some even have a Ph.D.” – Jason Karp, Ph.D.Run Coach Jason

8. We probably worked a boring job like you

… And decided a) to leave the business (or was downsized) or b) used to be an actor/dancer and needed a better job than waiting tables. – Kama Linden, Body Friendly Yoga

9. Some have done porn, not me though!

John “Doce” Garcia (location and gym withheld)

10. Yes, we did hear that

Macie Berlin, Santa Barbara, CA

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