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Fat Studies

Grrrr… Chubby guys come out on top when it comes to commitment

“Women rate muscular men as sexier,” but chubby guys come out on top when it comes to commitment, this according to a recent University of California study. As more American men pursue a relentless ideal of a “perfect” male body, the general perception remains, “muscles are sexy.”

The California study confirms the findings calling them “consistent” and have suggested that “women indicate their most recent short-term sex partners were more muscular than their other sex partners.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the planet, the Chinese word for “muscle” sounds the same as “chicken meat.” And according to the Harvard University Gazette, “Chinese culture places less emphasis on muscles as a measure of masculinity.”

Recently, I polled some men–some I know, some I know now–on body image, and if they could, which body parts would they change and why. Their responses notwithstanding, a(nother) UCLA study determined that although women found “built and toned guys” more “sexually desirable,” the chubby guy came out on top when it came to commitment.

I asked guys what they would change about themselves

Bruce Tallerman – Women love strong, rounded shoulders. Mine are bony. The bones actually appear to stick out at the top making me look like a human clothes hanger, my body “hanging” on my very wiry shoulders. Luckily, I’m married.

Jim Dykes – A trainer told me to go on a severe diet restriction to get rid of my belly which sticks out (slightly) over my belt. I do stretches and work outs but that belly just stays there. I’m 44 and I can’t survive on lettuce and carrots and 3 ounces of tuna at this age!

Bill Barnett – It seems to me that my physical state follows my mental state. It all starts with the brain. So I’ll get more bang for my buck if I start at the root of the problem; my mind.

Tod Esquivel – The chest baby! Men love the sexy sculpted look that we create for ourselves and our woman who loves to grab/touch what I call the “Love Shield!”

Eddie Rhodman, Jr. for Dolvett Quince – Chicken legs and calves. Being a fitness expert who helps other sculpt their bodies Dolvett can’t do anything to get his legs and calves bigger so he always wear pants, sweats,etc to cover them.

Joe Rodriguez (via Facebook) – My ears. They look like Dumbo’s. I know it’s not that big of a deal (LOL). No, I’m not married. Is that why? (LOL).

Damian Davila Rojas (via Twitter) – my hands, just because they are so small, but I really haven’t heard anything I can do to change them. For a while I tried more forearm exercises and “grip” exercises but I ended up hurting my wrists more than anything.

Juan Lugo (via Twitter) – My calves. I do know however, like anything else they require intensity and volume. I just forget to do it.

Ron Harris (via Facebook) – I hate the gym, but I go. It doesn’t matter how I work out or what I do, maybe I eat too much. But I think having abs would be cool. I just don’t think it is possible unless you starve yourself or you’re black — I can say that, right?

Derrick Atkinson (via Facebook) – Man, my chest. It’s not like I have man boobs but I wouldn’t mind having a chest like Clooney had in that Batman costume. Chicks dig that.

Mark Bamps (via Facebook) – Bigger arms. You told me biceps are the easiest muscle to work, but dude, it ain’t happening for me. How much do you lift, anyway?

  • Wot? RT @Flipbooks: Chubby Guys Come Out on Top When it Comes to Commitment –

    rizzo. (@_MBeezy)

    9:48 pm

  • Welp…“@Flipbooks: Chubby Guys Come Out on Top When it Comes to Commitment –”

  • Who knew? RT @Flipbooks: Chubby Guys Come Out on Top When it Comes to Commitment –

  • Reminds me of the song:

    If you wanna be happy for the rest of your life, never make a pretty woman your wife. So, from my personal point of view, get an ugly girl to marry you.


    8:22 pm

  • It’s just a survey; it’s not the norm and it certainly isn’t indicative of everyone. Mildly amusing, however.

    Stefan Pinto

    2:56 pm

  • None of us will stay perfect 4ever. My wish is to age with wisdom, passion & understanding. Do I want a playboy of 20 or 30 something? No, might be nice 2 look at but they can’t commit 2 a serious relationship.

    Johann Potgieter

    10:09 am

  • Sorry, Stefan. :(


    4:28 pm

  • Genella — Interesting. I’ll watch “Someone Like You”

    Stefan Pinto

    3:40 pm

  • “muscles are sexy” but with being sexy come more temptation and a wandering eye as well as assumption from outside parties. Attractive people tend to have it easier when it comes to easy sex. “Chubby” people, not as much (I speak from experience) so when they find someone interested they won’t be tempted to wander. Women will see this as more desirable and committed. I hear it all the time from the hot guys i shoot. “because of how i look people think i’m a player” I personally have never been assumed a player. I rest my case.

    James Franklin

    2:40 pm

  • They did this study in California? Well there’s mistake #1. California guys are a different breed altogether ~ the bulls here think there’s always a better cow around the corner, so mentally they can’t commit – Especially if they are hot and can get it anytime. Speaking from years of observation* Now, in order to fully understand about bulls and cows you need to see the film, “Someone Like You…” And no, I didn’t write the screenplay. ;)

    Genella deGrey

    2:31 pm

  • The Bad news – Stefan, you’re destined to be unfaithful.
    The Good news – Stefan, you’re destined to be unfaithful.



    2:12 pm

  • Because women feel that they won’t cheat on them? But what if the woman is not chubby?

    Rona E

    1:33 pm

  • I disagree! to stay fit, keep on a diet or follow a wellbeing plan you need a commitment with yourself! maybe they are commited to other by not to themselves! what do you think Stefan? I have been dieting and working out on regular basis since 2 years ago and believe me I am commited in all fields of my life and I am a former Chubby guy, so fit now and feel more goal oriented and eager to challenges. I know the before and after effect from first hand. :)

    Ruben Cisneros

    1:24 pm

  • This is true, to a certain point. But I like my guy to be fit. There is something about a fit guy that is very attractive. Especially if he’s confident and grounded.

    Jennifer (Jen) Steiner

    3:23 am

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