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Celebrate Your Independence: How to eat at a 4th of July BBQ

True independence relies on not depending on another. Achieving a goal of losing weight and keeping it off, could easily fall by the wayside, especially at celebrations where the whole point is to eat, eat, eat — just like everyone else.

Whether this is your first Fourth of July since you’ve lost weight or you plan on it being your last at your current weight, staying the course could prove difficult.

Here are ten, easy tips on how to eat at a Fourth of July barbecue, brought to you by Nick Kempen, Advantage Trainer at The Sports Club/LA in Miami:

  • Use only half of a hot dog or hamburger bun; eat it “open face” style.
  • Eliminate the bun entirely and wrap the hamburger or hot dog in lettuce! Ok to use as many lettuce leaves as you want.
  • Try (BYOB) low-fat turkey burgers or chicken sausages. Only your host will know for sure.
  • Drink a low-fat, high protein shake about 30 minutes before arriving so you won’t overindulge.
  • Ditch the big plate and opt for one of the small, dessert plates. A full, small plate is not only smaller, but seeing it can be satisfying.
  • Avoid dishes made with simple carbohydrates such as potato salads, breads, chips and pretzels.
  • Stick to water; add lemon or lime to dress it up. If you choose to drink alcohol, reduce calories and avoid dehydration by alternating with bottled water.
  • Eat slowly… slowly… slowly. Give your body a chance to recognize being full. Relax and focus on your time with friends and family.
  • After eating, give yourself about 20-30 minutes before deciding on seconds.
  • Yes, I eat meat — dishes are on Facebook.

    Stefan Pinto

    12:34 am

  • Stefan, do you bbq? Write a post on grills that you recommend

    Adam Kastoria

    2:45 am

  • And what about beer? Summer is for booze.

    Michael H.

    2:30 am

  • If you wait 30 mins before getting seconds then all the food will be gone LOL!

    Michael H.

    2:30 am

  • Very interesting way of talking about portion control which is really what this is about. What do you recommend to eat if all the host has are burgers and potato salad?

    Jim Norell

    2:29 am

  • Stefan, what do you eat at BBQs. Do you eat meat?

    Rona E

    2:26 am

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