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Losing the weight is not losing the wait

How easy is it to lose something? Very. In an instant, you can lose your job, your money, your house, your pet, your loved one. We can even instantly lose ourselves. And this, we know.

Conversely, the emotional act of accepting these losses takes time. And this we accept. But the one thing you cannot lose instantly is the one aspect of yourself which took time to manifest.

Your weight.

Try as you might, the act of instant weight loss, cannot happen in an instant. It is physically impossible. Yet, people continue to make millions on dubious instant weight loss gimmicks ranging from pills, to potions, to products you plug in. All useless, and many to your peril. Why?

The wait.

Stop for a moment and consider this; say you are 10 pounds overweight or 20 or how about 30 or even 60 or now, how about 100 pounds overweight? Did you just see what happened? Go back and re-read that sentence. The first number was 10. It was not 100. This is how it starts. And just as it starts in increments, with time cushioning the growth, this is how it will change, with time cushioning the loss.

The physical act of changing one’s body cannot occur instantly. It is a process of evolution that only time and an intention followed by action (outside or inside or both) can bring about a change. And something as daunting as changing one’s physical appearance through weight loss will take time.

How much time you are willing to GIVE YOURSELF is A CHOICE. Either you want it so badly, you are willing to MAKE the TIME to HELP the change happen for YOU or instead, you choose to spend time believing something outside of yourself can bring about the change you seek for yourself.

  • I think too often we live in denial and loose sense of ourselves. Often we give our selves no choice other than to simply exist. If we t do as we say and take a moment to pause and make a conscience effort about what to eat how over the course of a day you have done 3- 6 things for yourself. This article in empowering because the truth and actually reality lies within all of us not some magic pill or meal plan.

    Melissa Edwards

    6:39 pm

  • Losing the weight is not losing the wait: via @stefanpinto

  • I agree completely! It took me three years to lose 30 pounds (I backslid a few times :). But I’ve kept it off now for seven years only by completely changing my eating habits (what I eat, and just as important, when I eat it).


    5:15 am

  • Totally true-it is an investment that takes time and effort-weght loss that is

    an de

    8:46 am

  • Very nicely put. “MAKE TIME HELP YOU”

    Rona E

    12:28 am

  • good opinion – I agree.

    Bonnie Sayers

    12:15 am

  • Good stuff, Stefan! I set my goal to loose 30 lbs. My dog happens to weigh 30 lbs so I think of it as carrying my dog around with me all day……and then being able to put her down.

    Bob Patience

    11:10 pm

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