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The “Men’s Health” Abs Diet Isn’t Really a Diet And That’s Why I Like It

If you like to eat, you probably hate to diet. Strict guidelines and unappetizing, often unsatisfying, meals do little to convince us to start one, let alone complete it.

The Men’s Health Abs Diet isn’t really a diet, it’s  a six-week plan to flatten your stomach and keep you lean. That isn’t only a claim, it is a fact. The Men’s Health Abs Diet remains my guide for how I eat, what I buy and what not to eat. I first went on the Abs Diet in 2005.

The Men’s Health Abs Diet uses real food; dishes are easy to prepare (some are on my Facebook “Stuff I Eat” photo album), and will provide you with a grocery shopping foundation.

Protein builds muscle and muscle helps burn calories.

The Abs Diet focuses on foods that are the best source of protein

Abs Diet: Bodacious Brazilian Chicken

The Men’s Health Abs Diet can be purchased on Amazon or ordered from Men’s Health.


  • Nice work Stefan! You look great!

    Amy Segel

    3:49 pm

  • Great work, Stefan. You da man! :-) Seriously, though good job.

    Adam Kastoria

    8:39 pm

  • Stefan, is this diet for women too?


    5:54 pm

  • Hi Rona! Cooking is basically trial and error — and salt and pepper. Seriously, when I moved out of mom and dad’s (at 23), I couldn’t even boil an egg!

    Stefan Pinto

    1:22 pm

  • The Abs Diets really works! I’ve been doing it for five years and I’ve build some AMAZING muscle on my frame, not to mention amazing abs!


    12:12 pm

  • Hey Stefan, I’m starting the Men’s Health Abs Diet and was wondering if you could recommend a good whey protein.
    Thanks for your help and support!

    Shawn Betz

    7:25 pm

  • Bought abs diet book problem is I can’t cook

    Michael H

    3:13 pm

  • Stefan, your Facebook food photos are so pretty! Who taught you to cook?

    Rona E

    3:04 pm

  • The "Men’s Health" Abs Diet Isn’t Really a Diet And That’s Why I Like It | RT @stefanpinto

  • It’s an eating plan, not a diet. Eating plans are easy to fit into your life, as it provides you with the basic things to improve the way you eat. Diets tend to deprive you of certain things, and, as soon as you’re off them, the weight just comes back, with all its family and extended family.


    7:58 am

  • The “Men’s Health” Abs Diet Isn’t Really a Diet And That’s Why I …: And, chances are, if you like to eat, you …


    3:41 am

  • Totally agree. I have that book. It’s just simple way of eating.

    Juan Lugo

    12:03 am

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