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Fat Studies

Bingeing? Our Body Contains Same Active Ingredient in Marijuana

Can’t. Stop. Eating? Blame your endocannabinoid. Not the Latin name for your leftover cannabis — the endocannabinoid is the body’s version of the active ingredient in marijuana. Like whoa!, dude.

In a new, University of California, Irvine study, performed on rats (can’t they perform these studies on humans? Provide pay and I’m sure many people will opt in) anyway, pharmacologist and lead researcher, Daniele Piomelli, fed rats one of four liquid diets: fat (in the form of corn oil); protein; sugar or a nutrition shake combination of fat, protein and sugar (they used Ensure). Rats on the fat diet experienced a surge of endocannabinoid activity in their gut, equivalent to “eat, eat.”

Our skin makes a marijuana-like substance

Activity seems to begin in the mouth, specifically the tongue, “Oral sensory signals drive dietary fat intake, but the neural mechanisms underlying this process are largely unknown,” wrote the researchers. Incidentally, the marijuana-like substance is also made by our skin to aid in a healthy complexion. Click here, if you don’t believe me.

Endocannabinoids will not only make you eat, eat, eat, they also will affect appetite. Funny enough, this might explain why you… some people, get the munchies when they smoke pot.

To determine the results of their studies, researchers anesthetized and dissected the rats, subsequently freezing their organs for analysis. Maybe that’s why these studies aren’t performed on humans.

Anyway, the results of the study might be a target for anti-obesity drugs — or you could just not eat fatty foods.

The study was published in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS)

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  • These findings make me wonder if it is possible for ingredients in certain foods to intentionally (maybe even surreptitiously) target the endocannabinoid? Ever had a craving for a specific coffee drink from Starbucks? Or maybe even a Diet Coke?

    Stefan Pinto

    3:23 am

  • This is crazy! I’ve never heard this before. Does everyone have this? Wow.

    Adam Kastoria

    3:19 am

  • Scientists Link Bingeing to Body’s version of Active Ingredient in Marijuana: via @AddThis

  • So, when I want to lick you (not you personally, but, ah, screw it, why not ;) ?) all over, it’s not because it’s erotic, but because I want to get high.


    3:59 pm

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