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File Under “How to Be Better” – Every Choice Has a Consequence

I learned a lot about life behind bars from a guy named Chuck. Knowledge which I hope I never would need. However, this tidbit may prove useful, be it in or out of prison: be careful who you tell what to, about what you know, but aren’t saying.

Chuck Gallagher should know, after all, he served time in prison. Mr. Gallagher once worked as a CPA for Goldman Sachs, “I had access to client funds,” he told me via phone interview.

If you tell someone where to go to do something illegal, or how to do something, you have conspired to do something illegal and that is considered a crime.” A crime that could cost five years of your life — in federal prison.

Gallagher spent 18 months and served a three year probation for embezzlement and tax evasion. Now, he has turned adversity into opportunity and has found success teaching law enforcement officials and corporations the ins, outs and hows of white collar crime. It’s all based on personal experience.

Gallagher prefers to call his advice motivation; motivation on the critical importance of making the right choices and the positive results that can follow. “Every choice has a consequence” he told me.

We all have a good and bad side and the choices we make in the past affect where we are today. Stephen Covey once said, “While we are free to choose our actions, we are not free to choose the consequences of our actions.”

Facts of Prison Life That You Will Never Need to Know. Maybe

    • If you owe money on your credit card, you will still get your bill in prison (the only way to legally avoid paying a credit card is if you die or file Chapter 7).
    • You make seventy five cents a day for eight hours work, not including lunch. But you don’t have to file a tax return (did you know, immigrant, tomato pickers in Florida, make less than this?).
    • If you get up earlier and move around the prison all day, you can avoid working for at least a month (how ironic, out of prison, this is the opposite!).
    • A back and neck adjustment will run you three cans of tuna (no comment).
    • Nachos are prized food and come in two flavors, “Today’s Garbage Bag Mix” or “None” (did you know, the FDA does not regulate the ingredients used in the cheese to make nachos?).
    • The most effective defense in prison is to act completely crazy. No one wants to mess with the crazy person slash psychopath (as far as I know, this happens everywhere).
    • The “crazy person slash psychopath” counselor is usually a recent psychology grad – and female (did you know, a recent study has found that prison medical care is often the only provider of medical care accessible by underserved and vulnerable Americans”?).
    • Best place to hide porn is in your socks (seems to me that the best place would be in your imagination).
    • Best job is in the library; you’re considered smart and useful and chances are, you will be someone’s protected, sweet kid (being a protected, sweet kid has it’s advantages in — and out — of prison).
    • Soda is slang for cocaine (did you know, Coke once contained cocaine?).

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  • That should say “from Leavenworth”. That’s what I get for trying to communicate before coffee.

    Saranna DeWylde

    12:58 pm

  • I didn’t know that about the credit card. Interesting. Or the federal pay rate for inmates. The inmates at the prison I worked make minimum wage at private industry jobs.

    But the federal prison system is a different animal completely than the state level. My father is retired of Leavenworth, so while I grew up around it, when I started at the state, I was surprised at the acceptable behavior from inmates and staff.

    I’d gone in expecting it would be the same and it wasn’t. I had to put a guy on his face my first day for grabbing my ass.

    It sounds like Mr. Gallagher’s course would be interesting and I’m glad he found an opportunity to make his experiences benefit him.

    Saranna DeWylde

    12:57 pm

  • He forgot to mention to never, ever, drop the soap. o_O


    7:17 pm

  • Nice post. Interesting. Love the Stephen Covey quote.

    Dina Paterno

    2:29 pm

  • LOL loved reading these. Now if I ever find myself in a bad predicament, I know how to survive :)

    Gena Morris

    1:39 am

  • File Under “How to Be Better” – Every Choice Has a Consequence by @StefanPinto

    @AnitaNelson (@ModelSupplies)

    5:19 pm

  • Great article, Stefan! The facts are fun and educational to read.


    4:49 pm

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