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Mayonnaise is 80% fat and other tips for eating healthy

Having no time to eat could mean eating food fast, but this does not mean you must always eat fast food. With some astute thinking and careful planning, you can quickly map your way through the food maze when you need food-to-go:

Just say no to mayo

Mayonnaise is 80% fat. Just one tablespoon (the equivalent of what is spread on a sandwich) contains over 100 fat calories. It will take ten minutes at around 5 mph to burn off 100 calories. So hold the mayo and opt for olive oil instead.

Chicken doesn’t always mean protein

A popular fast food chain with “royalty in the name” chicken sandwich could contain as much as 600 calories. Since most chicken sandwiches and “grilled” they are quite possibly overcooked, making the protein content non-existent. Try a lean roast beef sandwich instead. Roast beef could contain up to 30g of protein in just four ounces.

Supermarkets have fast food, too

At the back of the supermarket is the deli counter and it isn’t just for cold cuts. Most — if not all — supermarkets will gladly make a fresh, as-you-like-it sandwich with your choice of dressing and toppings. Plus, on your way to the register, you can pick up a salad as a side or a healthy, thought out snack for later.

Can the can

Drinking the soda simply because it’s free with your meal is brainwashing, opt for water instead. The calories and sugar in soda are considerably and undeniably high. The sugar content will spike your energy levels, eventually causing the dreaded afternoon lag. Also, drinking carbonated drinks with food interferes with digestion and can cause gas and an irritable bowel.

Slurp your sandwich

The half a sandwich and a cup of soup option is certainly better than a whole sandwich. A recent study determined that a low-calorie soup (or salad) at the start of a meal will curb hunger and reduce caloric intake by as much as 20 percent. Warm soup before a meal also preps your stomach for solid food and aids digestion.

Learn to love wrap

Spinach, sun-dried tomato, whole wheat, practically anything can be put into a wrap. But be vigilant as the calories can quickly grow (like at a salad bar). The key here is substituting the white flour baguette or french roll for a healthier, lower calorie and low-carb wrap.

Less is more

Waiting until your blood sugar drops before buying something to eat is taking the road to over spending and over eating. Not only does your body go into starvation mode, hoarding calories, your judgement is now impaired. You actually believe you can eat a horse. Remember, your stomach is still the same size as it was this morning when you weren’t hungry (this is why you should never skip breakfast). Order half of what you “think” you can eat when you’re “starving.”

Go nuts

With a stash of almonds, sunflower seeds or pumpkin seeds (not cashews, too fattening). Mix with some healthy flax cereal flakes and raisins and keep in a coffee can or oatmeal canister and store in your desk drawer. It will come in handy when you need a snack and goes great with afternoon coffee.

Take a quiz and ditch the arches

Sure many fast food restaurants offer healthy sides, but temptation for fries are easy, especially when you’re hungry like a wolf. And did you know that the excessive salt content in fries is so huge, you risk heart disease, too? The best remedy is to stay away from this “over one billion served” joint and get toasted at the less fattening, more customized sandwich places. Go easy on the dressings, though.

Order Adam’s ale

Water. There is no harm in plain ol’ H2O with lunch. Water aids digestion and digestion begins in the mouth and ends in the small intestine. Minerals, vitamins, proteins in foods can only be absorbed if there is sufficient water, which either comes from the food you eat or the liquid you drink.

  • Love these tips. Help with my road from Fat to Fit!
    Thanks Stefan

    Darius Perez

    3:44 pm

  • What about Subway, Stefan? Are the sandwiches really healthy? I work in an office and many people buy lunch there.


    11:43 pm

  • Stefan! Saw a tweet from you and following the link to your website. Absolutely awesome. Just the inspiration I was looking for.

    Sandi McKenna

    9:48 pm

  • “@joycecherrier: Mayonnaise is 80% fat and other tips for eating healthy: via @stefanpinto”

  • Amazing really. Spreading & pouring stuff on our food can be such a huge source of unhealthy in our diets! Definitely skipping the mayo!

    Joyce Cherrier

    1:38 pm

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