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Common Weight Loss Myths (That Will Mess You Up)

Weight loss and everything associated with it does not come without misrepresentation. False beliefs, ideas and notions and even phenomenon, all contribute to the confusion that baffle on what it takes to lose weight. 

You need to diet, all. of. the. time.

Remember Eve and the problem she had with that apple? Depriving oneself of something you love can lead to rebellion and when it comes to a diet, you’re likely to end up breaking it altogether. Instead, practice restraint, occasionally indulging. Certain foods do make certain people fat, and if you know which ones they are, eliminate those altogether. If you are on a diet and you’re dining with friends, just cut the portion in half. Of course, if you’re getting ready for a photo shoot, this advice is going to change — for obvious reasons. Remember, good eating habits focus on healthy weight maintenance. See “5 Ways to Overcome Compulsive Overeating

Not eating carbs — ever!

Aside from putting you in a relentless bad mood, the long-term effects of a diet low in carbohydrates are yet known. Substituting carbs for high-protein foods like meat and cheese can raise your cholesterol and may cause heart disease. Fewer than 130 grams of carbs can lead to gout, cause kidney disease is especially risky for women who are pregnant. Sweet potatoes, brown rice and oatmeal are all examples of good carbs.

No eating between meals

Define “between.” Too long of a period between breakfast (assuming you ate breakfast) and lunch or lunch and dinner will put your body into starvation mode. In starvation mode, your body attempts to maintain your weight, ultimately causing a metabolism slow down. Eat healthy snacks between meals. See “10 Foods that Kill Hunger

Skipping dinner

This can be more harmful than effective. You’re essentially going on a fast, depriving your body of the daily caloric intake. Digestion burns calories and not eating  may actually cause you to gain weight. See “Losing the Weight is Not Losing the Wait

Going on a fad diet

A fad is short-lived and anything short-lived will return, this includes the weight –  sometimes even more than what was lost on the fad diet. Fad diets rarely provide all the nutrients your body needs, and seldom serve to educate on proper dietary guidelines or good eating habits. Instead eat moderate portions. See “Are Liquid Diets Effective for Weight Loss?

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