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Do you see yourself in the shadow of past experiences?

Moving takes us on a journey into our past. We discover hidden, dusty gems; old photos, dog-eared books and troves of long forgotten items, so carefully tucked away, their existence was completely left behind, perhaps even forgotten.

Buried deep beneath decades of old photographs, some black and white, I found a tiny, keepsake booklet. Immediately it brought back a flood of memories. It was during a time in my life where my outlook was far from rosy. My dearest cousin included it as part of a birthday present. Inside she simply wrote, “Dearest Stef, I love you and am proud to be your cousin.”

As I thumbed through the book, many of the passages are as applicable today as they were when the book was copyrighted (1989 , a different century!). The following passage is from that book:


If a small acorn looked up from the ground at a giant old oak tree, thinking, I can never make one of those, it probably wouldn’t. Look at any seed: apple, tomato, pumpkin, maple, marigold, or sweet pea. Is there any sign from the appearance of these tiny seeds to indicate the tall trees, lush foliage, or abundance of fruits and vegetables they bring?

We may sometimes doubt our own ability to accomplish our goals. We may still see ourselves in the shadow of past experiences. But seeds don’t develop best in shadows. They need sunlight, water and good, nutritious soil.

We can nurture ourselves and bring forth a magnificent harvest, grow tall and strong and withstand the ever-changing seasons of life. We can replace the shadow with the light of faith and hope. We can remember the acorn. – “A Moment to Reflect” – a Harper / Hazelden Book

Open up to all of the wonderful (and life changing) possibilities within yourself.


I’ve lived in many places. This post was written in preparation for my move from Miami to Los Angeles.