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C Diet, Grrr... Dieting

Can your camera phone and Facebook help you to lose weight?

Can your camera phone help you to lose weight? The Facebook C Diet is a social media experiment in mindful eating using a cell phone camera and Facebook. It was created to see if food craving compulsions could be controlled through community-based, online coaching.

Participants wanted to find out if their food choices were based on convenience, calories, cost or a combination of all three. [See their remarkable weight loss transformations on Facebook]

Unlike a written food journal, the act of imminently photographing what we are about to eat — upon preparation (or ordering at a restaurant) — puts one in a more responsible — sensible, really — frame of mind. Questions like, “am I really going to eat this?” have now become “I know I will feel great after I eat this.”

It isn’t for everyone; sometimes people are disqualified for cheating, sometimes they get honorable leave, and other times, they simply stopped sending photos. But participants who remain, not only lose considerable weight, they succeed in creating new behaviors surrounding their relationship with food. But those that lost weight, succeeded in changing their behavior, possibly allowing them to keep the weight off. (see some of their comments)

So far, there are almost 10,000 photos in the Facebook C Diet weekly albums. Participants must indiciate why they *chose* the specific meal based on one of the three C’s mentioned: calories, cost, convenience or perhaps all three. Participants also include a description of how they feel now (affects their food choice) and how they felt after their last meal. The commentary is quite revelatory.

Actual results on the Stefan Pinto Facebook C Diet

A community has subsequently developed among the participants — each of whom have a secret, fun name. The “avatars” so to speak allow the participants to freely comment on their own photos, and others’ without feeling judged or otherwise. It turns eating into a game — sort of.

Since the Facebook C Diet was started, the participants have created a Facebook Group to support, motivate, vent or to just gather and discuss their lives, struggles and triumps on their weight loss goals and successes.

The Facebook C Diet runs for three months at a time and is supported by these household brands: Chobani, Pacific Foods, Tilvee, Earth Balance, Manitoba Harvest, Nordic Naturals, Vega, Navitas Naturals, Beanitos, Pure Bar, Oxylent. Each brand sends the participant an incentive to support their weight loss goals. Brands also participate in the weekly Food Angel contest which promotes a “new,” miracle food in which the participants must guess in order to win additional incentives. Food Angels are randomly selected and each participant gets a chance at being chosen.

  • This is very interesting! I will tell this to my wife and I’m sure she’ll be happy for this online coaching. I will also try this on Facebook thru my smartphone.

    Check this out!


    5:29 am

  • learning about this “facebook diet”


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  • RT @stefanpinto: February supporters on my Facebook C Diet: @VegaTeam @AmazingGrass @NordicNaturals @Tilvee

    Amazing Grass (@amazinggrass)

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    Brenda Pancratz (@mamiof3kids)

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  • This is great! I can recommend this diet…that has turned into a lifestyle! Stefan and the group are wonderful support and they give a feeling of “we are all in this together!” The pounds are coming off and our minds, attitude and self esteem are changing…ALL for the Better!


    2:02 pm

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    Kristie McNamara (@Tilvee)

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    Rayhan Mikhael † (@Ray_owl)

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  • This is brilliant


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  • interesting read “@FitFluential: Can your camera phone help you to lose weight? via @stefanpinto #FitFluential”


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  • Can your camera phone help you to lose weight? via @stefanpinto & @FitFluential


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  • Can your camera phone help you to lose weight? via @stefanpinto #FitFluential


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  • This week @NordicNaturals is the kind supporting brand on my camera phone diet!

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  • This isn’t something I ever thought about and I suppose it makes sense to see what you are eating but in a different way. The concept is very interesting and I think it is a great idea. What kind of cheating did the two people you disqualified do?

    janice W

    8:37 pm

  • Stefan, she had an amazing transformation like you!

    Rona E

    6:13 pm

  • Nice!!! Cool thinking, Stefan.

    Dave White

    6:12 pm

  • Can You Lose Weight with a Camera Phone? via @stefanpinto

  • Unreal. Good job and smart concept.


    5:55 pm

  • Stefan! This is amazing! The women must be so excited!!!! I am so happy for them and for you for what you are doing!

  • This concept is truly revolutionary. I had no idea what this was all about when I signed up. I figured it couldn’t hurt to try something new! Keeping a photograph log verses a written log is transformational. The participants within our group are supportive, caring and fun! Coaching and guidance from Stefan is essential. All of these factors bring forth a different type of motivation to push myself to do more and to do well. The bond within the group and taking of pictures elicits a new level of accountability. In the first month I lost 9.2 lbs and 1.4% body fat. Everyday I feel better about myself and the choices I make. I’m grateful to be a part of this.

    Susan R.

    5:51 pm

  • Can You Lose Weight with a Camera Phone? by @StefanPinto


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