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C Diet, Grrr... Dieting

The C Diet vs. “Meal Plans”

One person who signed up for my Facebook C Diet — and paid — sent no photos on the first day of class. They mistakingly thought I would be sending everyone individualized, daily meal plans.

Actual Participant on my new Facebook C Diet

Here’s why I don’t send meal plans:

What happens if you’re on an airplane, during a long flight — or any flight? Or, say… God forbid, you’re visiting someone at the hospital. Or, you get invited to your sister’s / brother’s / daughter’s / son’s / best friend’s wedding? Would you kiss the bride with Lean Cuisine? Can you eat your designated meal plan at a hospital? Will TSA let you board a plane with a pre-packaged meal? Not in this century.

What you *can* do is make a better *choice.*

It may not be the best choice, but it is still a conscious choice.

You can *choose* an airplane meal that, although not as good as a home-cooked meal, isn’t as bad as the worst meal they have to offer.

You can choose a fairly decent meal while visiting a loved one in a hospital; maybe your wife just gave birth and you want to spend the entire day with her. You should! But chances are, you won’t have a meal from a meal plan with you.

The Facebook C Diet was designed for people who have lives and do things like go to work, go to weddings, attend Bar Mitzvahs, meet friends for dinner at a cool restaurant, or want to have pizza on a Saturday night — the built in cheat night.

The Facebook C Diet was designed for people who have lives and do things like go to work

The fact of the matter is, all diets work. The Twinkie Diet will work. Eat a Twinkie and only a Twinkie for the majority of your meals, and you’re bound to lose weight. You might also die sooner.

The South Beach Diet? Great, but we need carbs for energy, so we don’t become annoying to be around. All these angry people? They’re probably hungry! Because a hungry man, is an angry man and when you’re hungry you’re likely to eat anything. Blam, pizza and an ice cream sundae!

C, when we feel that we “failed” at something, we sort of lose our will power. Motivation? Bye, bye!  Most people need support to get back up when they fall down. It’s not so bad if you choose the not-so-good meal while eating out, but armed with gained knowledge that you made the best *choice* is far superior than simply feeling that you failed — again.

So, if you want a diet that is based on meal plans, then certainly you can start — and pay for — one. It will work. But you better be prepared that there will be *circumstances* that simply prohibit you from eating the designated meal for the day.

Actual participant on my Facebook C Diet

Knowledge is power. And when it comes to the battle of the bulge, the more power you have in your arsenal, the more likely your choices will make you feel like a winner.

Remember, you can’t control everything in your life, but you can control what you put in your mouth.