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C Diet, Grrr... Dieting

The “C” in “C Diet” does not stand for “Cinco de Mayo”

Did you know, the “C” in the “C Diet” stands for “choice”? Since the Facebook C Diet was created in January, people have learned to make mindful food choices simply by taking a picture and describing what they see.

Sometimes, what they see makes them happy, sometimes it makes them not so happy, regardless if they choose to admit it or not. You see, the whole point of the C Diet is realizing that the choices we make surrounding the food we eat are really our own. It is not up to a restaurant, nor is it up to your spouse, your bff, or the party host — or even your children. It is your choice. Because you may not be able to control everything in your life, but you can certainly control what you put into your mouth.

This weekend is Cinco de Mayo, and as thousands of Americans celebrate a holiday, chugging “cervezas,” Coronas and cheap chips, at what point do we stop seeing it as a “celebration” of another country’s heritage and pride and turn it into blind consumerism and an excuse to mindlessly eat simply because it is on the calendar?

If the reason most diets fail with “can’ts” simply due to limits, cravings and apathy, then holidays that are based on food will certainly be seen as more compelling than any mere wish a person has to lose weight. For, the *choice* to *change* who is in control of  what we find compelling is built on conviction.

What is conviction? It is not only a belief. It is a *firm* belief. After all, simply believing is not enough to convince anyone to change. But having a firm belief means that you have hope. You are convinced that what you know, is the truth and when this happens, all of the “I can’t’s” miraculously are converted into “I can.” Because only when we are armed with a conviction can the power of a celebration created solely for the purpose of commercial enterprise, become less appetizing than that which you are striving for.

So if the C diet should really mean “caution,” then so be it. But having a conviction, is crucial in any desire to change otherwise, commercial celebrations that become pleasurable in and of themselves will cease being convivial and be converted into pursuits of happiness — for pleasure must remain a side effect otherwise it is destroyed and spoilt to the degree by which it is made a goal in itself.