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How Does the C Diet Work?

Weight loss using fad techniques that are perceived — or simply are – difficult, inconvenient and bland, makes losing weight an often failed endeavor.

Overweight men and women — most — find themselves in a state of helplessness, caught in a cycle of hopelessness experiencing an overall loss of control.

Raised, taught and comfortable in commonly accepted “habits” makes any change, be it a mere desire or simply the thought, incompatible with one’s lifestyle.

But what if, the “why” surrounding the “what” we eat is the key to gaining — and losing — weight? 

Actual participant on the Facebook C Diet

Participants on the C Diet experience a changed relationship with food resulting from an authentic realization that most bad food choices are based on conditioning, convenience and, yes… comfort.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a cell phone picture of what we are about to eat is an instantaneously compelling portrait of a lifetime of food choices that are most likely centered around personal beliefs.

The surprisingly potent act of photographing every meal is the canvas of convincing proof that the one thing in life that we can control is what we are about to put into our mouths.

Participants on the Facebook C Diet are faced with presenting their food choices to a community of like-minded individuals, all seeking the same result: to change their poor eating habits permanently.

Actual participant on the Facebook C Diet

Armed only with a cellphone camera, C Diet participants eventually gain the willpower… the desire to make better food choices, ultimately creating a way of eating that is now compatible with one’s lifestyle.

So, with that said, let them eat cake! Kidding! OMG… kidding. Grrr.