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Everything we see comes from our past

People can be fascinating creatures. Whether we realize it or not, we spend our entire existence continually searching — seeking — trying to find ways to make our lives better — to make us better.

Photo © Stefan Pinto

We want something, or someone, to come along and give us what we want. Give us that which we seek. But for some of us, sometimes, most of us, when that “thing” does come along, what do we end up doing? We judge, we doubt and eventually, we condemn. Don’t you find that just so strange? It’s as though we don’t believe that what we are looking for truly exists so, when we find it, our belief system kicks in and becomes more important… no, more reliable, than our desire.

Do we base all of our beliefs on a notion rather than a conviction? Are our preconceived notions so compelling that it ends up distorting that which we are seeking?

If having a belief requires the act of believing, does believing require blindness? They say “love is blind,” therefore, our capability to “see” can ultimately become distorted by our perception of reality.

So where does this perception come from? Our past. This notion is difficult to accept but is the reason why you give everything that you “see” all the meaning that it has for you. Time creates our past, and perceptions that are rooted in time are very difficult to change. If you think about it, everything you think about… every idea, every belief, every thought, is based on a preoccupation with the past.

If our beliefs are based on doubt that are built on a foundation of notions created by our past, how then, can we truly say we believe?

On the flip side, those that do believe, eventually do see. How is it that people who believe in UFOs are convinced they exist? Some have even been abducted! Imagine that?! What about people who believe in ghosts? They have seen them, why, they are convinced that they see them in all sorts of things, even in situations! I don’t believe in either of those things and thankfully have seen neither of those things.

The point is, having a belief for many is purely mechanical. Ask them why they believe and they can’t really say. But ask someone who truly believes with all his heart — and soul — and he will show you proof! He might even make you doubt what you believe!

If a belief is purely mechanical, at its core, it is merely a lie: beLIEfs. This is why, success on the C Diet is simple: If you can’t C it, you can’t be it.

In 2007, after losing weight, had I not had the conviction that I was model material, I probably would not have believed that model scout in Whole Foods who handed me their card. Had I not had that “organic” belief inside of me, none of these words that you are reading, would exist.

When I started the Facebook C Diet, the “C” came to me, as sort of a cool moniker for a name. I realized that how we approach food boils down to control. And what is control? It is a choice we make. My dad said that someone will come along and create the “A” Diet. Good, as long as it helps people. The way I look at it, you can’t become an A list star without first doing a couple C and B movies.

As I told the participants who lost weight, the C Diet is only the beginning of their journey. Becoming a better version of who you are starts with how you feel about yourself. I trust that I helped them to realize their ability to find the person they can be, and that, that person exists within them.

I don’t know anyone who can climb a mountain by starting at the top. The resilience, the determination, the conviction, comes from starting at the bottom. After all, if you start at the top, the only way to go is down.

Maybe this is corny, I don’t know, but it will help you to remember, your A,B,C’s of greatness: start with a choice (C), believe (B) and only then, you will achieve (A)

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